Interview Tips To Get Hired Fast

Interview Tips

The interview is something that everyone is afraid of, no matter how much experience we have, when it’s interview time we will start stressing out for unknown reasons.

This would not happen if you are fully equipped with the proper tools to crack the interview and bag the job. 

Reduce the stress and even enjoy the whole interview process by closely following these tips to take care before, during, and after the interview.

This is a comprehensive guide for you to get hired at your dream company!

  • Pre-Interview Preparations
    1. Research
    2. Check your Schedule
    3. Mode of Interview
    4. Check your Gadgets
    5. Lighting/ Background
    6. Practice with a friend
  •  Etiquettes during the Interview
    1. Body Language
    2. Appearance
    3. Active Listening
    4. Interview Etiquettes
  • Interview Question Tips
    1. Technical Questions
    2. Behavioral Questions
    3. HR Questions
  • After the Interview
    1. Follow up
    2. Prepare for the second round
    3. Insights for another interview

Pre-Interview Preparations

  • Research 

Before the interview, the first thing you need to do is to research more about the company. 

You can do this by either visiting the company website or browsing through their social media pages. A good understanding of the company will help you talk about what you aspire to contribute during the interview.

Also, make sure you research more about the interview panel also, this will help you give an idea about what to expect in the interview.

  • Check your Schedule

It is common to get excited and forget to check your schedule before you RSVP for the interview. Make sure that you don’t have any other commitments before you RSVP.

Also, closely note the time schedule of the interview and plan accordingly.

Once the interview is scheduled, immediately set a reminder to alert you to get prepared.

Note: Make sure not to mix up the time zones.

  • Mode of Interview

Different companies schedule their interviews on different platforms. Download the platform that is required for the interview in advance. 

For example, if the interview is scheduled through Skype and you don’t have an account on Skype it is best to start an account in advance and get familiar with the platform.

  • Check your Gadgets

Some interviews require you to join through desktop while others would be okay with mobile as well. 

It is best if you log in through the desktop and keep your mobile handy. So, even if your system hangs or anything unexpected happens you will be able to rejoin immediately.

  • Lighting/Background

Select a spot in a quiet corner with the proper lighting, and make sure that you that there is no backlighting. You can either use a lamp/ring light or natural light. 

You can also use natural lighting to make sure you sit facing a window. So that you will be clearly visible.

In case of background, either sit somewhere with a plain background. If this is not possible, then just blur the background or use an appropriate background.

  • Practice with a Buddy

If you have a friend with whom you can practice the interview questions then do that. Connect with your buddy and have a mock interview.

 Etiquettes during the Interview

  • Body Language

70% of the communication happens through gestures. So, it is very important to pay attention to non-verbal communication. Here are some tips to follow:

 -Always make eye contact

-Do not sit back

-Make hand gestures while you talk

-Try to sound friendly and pleasant  

  • Appearance

You have to be presentable during the interview. Make sure if three is any dress code that the company suggests. You can either refer to this on the company website or check with the recruiter. 

It is very important to dress smartly for the interview even if the company does not have any dress code.

  • Active Listening

Active Listening is very important for effective communication. Try to nod or respond to the interviews and try to stay present and participate actively in the conversation. 

Stay enthusiastic and ask questions. Make sure that you can properly hear the interviewer. If due to any network problems you are not able to hear them, just let them know that.

Interview Question Tips

  • Technical Questions

Technical interviews are different from general interviews. For a tech interview, there will be multiple stages where you will have to show your technical skills. 

Mostly the questions that you will get will be based on the task that was assigned to you. Sometimes you will also be asked questions based on the best practices.

  • Behavioral Questions 

The goal of behavioral questions is to assess your behavior in the past. Mostly you will be asked to answer a real-life situation. 

An example of a behavioral question would be “Tell me about a time when your work got rejected and what was your reaction?”

In such cases make sure you sound genuine and try to deliver positive behavior.

  • HR Questions

The main role of the HR Interview is to access if you are a fit for the company culture and to negotiate salary and benefits in order to proceed further. 

Some common questions to expect are:

“What are your salary expectations?”, “Do you have any questions?” etc. make sure that you think of your expectations and ask some general questions regarding the company’s work culture and projects to show your enthusiasm.

After the Interview

  1. Follow up – After the interview, it is best to send a thank-you note to your interviewer. This will help build a positive relationship.
  2. Prepare for the second round – If there is a second round for the interview, start your preparations to crack that as well!
  3. Insights for another interview – Take every interview as an opportunity to find out more about your strengths and weaknesses. Maintain a journal about this. Keep on building your strengths and working on your weaknesses to crack the next interview.

Hope you are now all set to crack that most dreaded interview. Visit to apply for jobs that perfectly match your profile and get hired quickly. In order to get read more informative blogs on jobs and hiring trends visit.  

Meanwhile, don’t stress too much about the interview,

Just take Deep Breaths…

You are going to be amazing!

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