Celebrating the Women in Engineering

 Celebrating the Women in Engineering, Celebrating Women Employment at SteveJob!

While the women’s employment rate expanded globally to about 50% over the period the 1990s to date amidst a diverse range of gender issues and biases, it’s time we pay some tribute to the women employees from across the world. 

It’s time to celebrate those who had made the impossible possible with their acute skills and wisdom, walking shoulder to shoulder with their male working counterparts!

That is exactly why SteveJob is here, calling for a fiesta of noteworthy increase in women’s employment. Furthermore, advocating a room for fair and inclusive workplaces. Today, SteveJob is going to celebrate the women engineers who have contributed with innovative solutions in solving complex engineering puzzles.

Perhaps, from bulletproof fibers that protect the soldiers and military men across the globe to a simple dishwasher that makes pots and pans cleaner than ever before, the role of women engineers in elevating everyday lives is extensive and undoubtedly beyond our expectations.

So, why not unveil the women’s brains that stand behind such significant innovations? Why not discover how they made the impossible possible, making lives much easier?

Here goes five salient cases that are still inspiring a whole lot of young women engineers to come into active participation in rescuing the world from the present-day challenges and subsequently transforming the lives within it. 

  • Kate Gleason,

 The pioneer of gear planners and the first woman engineer to expand machine-tool businesses!  

Born in New York, on November 25, 1865, Kate Gleason transformed her father’s small machine tool business into a globally-renowned venture of gear-cutting machine tools. She worked as a prominent treasurer and saleswoman of this particular venture, traveling across distant locations to expand the business globally. 

“A kind of Madame Curie of machine tools” is what Fred H. Colvin called her for initiating the mass production of gears for wind turbines to airplanes, other vehicles to power tools.

Kate, an engineer, business person, and world traveler at the same time, was able to secure orders for machine products from Scotland, Germany, France, and England, thus, setting a tradition of international marketing at the age of 25. 

Well, she is the first female member to secure a place in the  American Gear Manufacturing Association and also the first elected full-time member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 

Her contribution to the domain of engineering in particular, and to the transformation of everyday lives as a whole, is vast. Not just cutting equipment, she is also known for establishing new designs for affordable housing following the unique pouring method that she developed. No wonder, her design served as a model for future developments and still is! 

However, you must be wondering how she actually made all of these happen. It is a long story of her struggle, starting from her college days at Cornell University when she had to quit her studies and return home because his father’s business was through a rough course to the differential treatment of her salesmanship while trying to sell machine products in Europe, and so forth. 

But, in short, we may say, it is her extraordinary endeavor of stepping out of conventional engineering methods that made her what she is to the world today. 

An icon of women’s engineering skills! 

An icon of women empowerment! 

  • Mary Barry,

The first female head of an automobile manufacturing enterprise, General Motors, launched electric-powered cars! 

Born in 1961, in Michigan, Mary Barra started her electrical engineering career at the General Motors Institute which is now called Kettering University, and then gathered further knowledge from the Engineering Honor Society, named Tau Beta Pi, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

In 1980, she started to work for the General Motors company, but as a mere co-op student. All this while, her task was to check out and inspect fender panels and hoods and she was only trying to earn her college tuition fee so as to fulfill her dream.

From a mere co-op student worker to the chief executive officer, she had come a long way, indeed! In-between she worked for myriads of engineering tasks and administrative positions, one of the most remarkable was her involvement in the Detroit Assembly plant. 

After becoming the CEO of General Motors, Mary introduced into the manufacturing business, driverless and electric-powered cars. She initiated acquisitions into the business, like that of Strobe, the startup of driverless technologies. Inevitably, her leadership skills involved in the progress of the automobile company, and the automobile industry, to be more clear, are outstanding and have received worldwide acknowledgment.          

Being an electrical engineer, she was somewhat able to capture and cultivate kinetic energy in the business, the energy leading to positive movements and successful changes. 

That is precisely why, even after the controversies and rampant media scrutiny of the accident of faulty ignition switches in one of their factories, General Motors was able to hit success and today it is one of the top-ranking automobile companies in the international market. 

This goes for Mary Barra, for the one-woman- army, for the passionate engineer who toppled all obstacles with real strategies and dynamic innovation! This goes for the honest and simple woman leader! 

The inspiring women engineer of all times! 

  • Kimberly Bryant,

Born in 1967, Tennessee, Kimberly Bryant attended college in 1985 and became a civil engineer thereafter. However, in deriving her passion for technologies like microchips, portable cell phones, and computers, she moved to electrical engineering. 

Kimberly is that versatile engineer who not just held jobs in electrical companies but also has proven her merits in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. She worked at companies like Genentech, Merck, Pfizer, Novartis, and so on. 

The biggest achievement of this woman engineer, of course, for which the entire world knows her, appreciates her, and gets inspired by her, is the Black Girls Code, established in 2011, the non-profit organization based in San Francisco that allocates technological education to the African people in America. The organization works the increase women’s employment, particularly African women, in the tech industry because the rate of so is as little as 3% only. 

The organization offers computer programming lessons to young girls and this idea came to Kimberly’s mind after seeing her daughter’s love for computing programs but being unable to secure a place for her in the other summer programs in the bay area upon this particular subject.

In recent days, Kimberly has also worked for the National Girls Collaborative Project undertaken by the National Campions Board, a charitable organization committed to the pursuit of encouraging girls in opting for careers in STEM. In fact, she is also a  part of the National Center for Women & Information Technology, the organization involved in offering inclusive computing for girls across the country.  

Kimberly made it possible! She has shown the world that women can work on par with men and thus deserve equal opportunity to study and sharp skills and also work for complex jobs like that of even a computer engineer. 

She is the spirit of passionate engineering! She is the spirit of Women’s entitlement! 

  • Evelyn Wang,

The Woman engineer to inaugurate solar panel devices for extracting drinking water!  

The Taiwan immigrant to the US, Evelyn Wang, attended MIIT to earn a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and Stanford University to earn a doctorate. Besides, she had researched in the prestigious Bell labs during her postdoctoral career.

Her life as an immigrant was certainly not easy. Met with hurdles of everyday life, she tried to expand the opportunities of acquiring the basic necessities of life like that water. Yes, Wang worked on unique methods of extracting drinking water from the environment by the use of solar panels. Can you imagine what kind of dedication and skill is required to draw water from air? Quite a lot, to be honest! 

And, such innovation was bound to receive honor as it did from the World Economic Forum and the Scientific American. Her technological innovation was counted among the ‘Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2017’. 

That was not all! Wang had also tried out her engineering skills in creating devices that are able to sterilize medical tools by using solar heat and a further desalination system driven by solar energy again. 

Apart from being the Associate Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIIT, the environmental lover, Wang, has been nominated as the director of ‘Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy’ this year by the US Department of Energy.

If not she, who else?

Who else could have combined the advantages of technology with the vast aspects of nature to culminate healthy living standards?

Who else could have had the capability to recognize the process of preserving natural resources and yet making them available for all? 

I suppose any of the women out there can, but only if you are as keen and passionate about engineering as her!        

  • Katie Weimer

    The Women Creator of 3D Virtual Surgical Planning System at a very young age!   

Born in 1997, in Orchard Park, Katie Weimer received her graduate degree in mechanical engineering from the renowned University of Missouri and published a total of ten manuscripts on clinical and scientific innovations. 

In 2008, her interest in regenerative medicines took a dramatic turn, enabling the engineer to produce something that the world has never imagined before. She brought up a unique technology in the healthcare industry that shall solve serious health conditions with some clicks. 

Henceforth, indirectly influencing the future of mankind!

This method of rendering clinical care with the help of human application had undoubtedly brought a sigh of relief to many families during the horrific period of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Her efforts to make diagnostic processes efficient and worth undertaking through the advancement of bioprinting technology is what makes her popular throughout the world and stages her as an emblem of women’s inspiration. 

An inspiration to upskilling oneself, an inspiration of becoming self-independent and successful in life! 

Kate Weimer showed us that hard work and determination can help ace achieve even something like a machine that can practically provide accurate medical imaging without any wear and tear in the body. 

Summing up:

By now, you must have realized the fact that strength doesn’t look for gender, because strength does not only constitute physical potential but also mental because strength means ability, the ability to do anything you want! The ability to create products that solve a range of problems! 


And, We shall always try to provide you with the worth of your skill, we shall try to make employment more inclusive, safe, and facilitative for your career development and sustenance! 

On the occasion of International Women Engineer’s day, we aspire to not leave any scope of missing out on celebrating women’s strength and empowerment and herein pledge to widen your employment opportunity, by bringing before you all those employers, and organizations that treat you and your skills and efforts equally.

We, SteveJob, one of the most reliable job search portals in the US, pledge to upscale the women’s employment rate in the US and across the globe by acting as the medium and pedigree of your business with your employer.

So, keep growing and inspiring other women engineers to empower themselves! Right away at https://stevejob.org/Celebrating the Women in Engineering, Celebrating Women Employment at SteveJob!

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